WHAT IS CTOR? Central TX Off Road ...

CTOR is a private club for the true dirt bike enthusiast and trail rider. We are a small time operation providing big time fun and excitement. We are strictly into trail riding. No moto cross track, paint ball, go kart track or side by side jeep trailing here! We cater primarily to dirt bikes. We do allow single seat utility ATVs , no sport quads or side by sides.

CTOR is located in central Texas and offers a wide range of terrain. Most trails are directional and go from easy to moderate to the extreme. We have something for every skill level. There is no sand or whoops here at CTOR. We have a small cadre of actual trail riders who maintain the trail system and continuously looks for ways to make your trail ride an awesome adventure!

Just call before you haul to make sure someone will be available to meet you on site.

Check the local WEATHER before you load up and head out. We do close if it is too wet!

Trail Update 02/01/2021

Since the snow a few weeks ago we have done a lot of work to get the trails cleared of fallen trees. The main roads, Loops 2, 3 and four have been cleared. Most of the unmarked side trails may still be blocked but we will get to them soon. The super technical hillside on the east end of the property will be done last.

Loop 1 is the current priority project. It is being cleared, re-marked and upgraded. it's currently about 50% done. Remember, this is a two way trail designed for the more advanced rider. As we work our way around this trail all the cheater lines and go arounds will be blocked off.

Effective as of 01/09/21

2021 membership sign up is open. Please click on the MEMBERSHIP link at the top of the page to down load the membership form.  Click on the CONTACTS link above if you need information.

Important Information

Riders MUST STAY OFF of all grassy areas! Example, the area immediately behind the RV sites. Additionally, the open areas around Loops 3 and 4. Riders are short tracking through the grass causing loss of grazing area and erosion. If it has a few feet  of grass, STAY OFF!

Respect the trails. If you are trying one of our more challenging hill climbs or off camber trails and can't make it, don't jut keep hammering the throttle and create deep ruts. Just turn the bike around and try again. It's hard enough keeping everything maintained without having to go repair deep ruts caused by this abuse. Finally, stay off of restricted areas and do not ride along any fence line. Civilization is closing in on all sides of the property and we need to keep the peace. And for those few riders who are smart enough to post videos doing these kind of abuse's they will be banned from the property. (yes, there are riders who do this.)

It's our time of year for serious trail maintenance. We will be working on Loop 1 first. It will be trimmed and have all the markings freshened up. Also, all the cut offs and by-passes that were created by less skilled riders will be blocked off. Remember, Loop 1 is a bi-directional trail and is intended for the more advanced rider.

Have a nice day and get out there and "git sum"!