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( CTOR is for Dirt Bikes and single seat ATVs only )

CTOR rules are in place for you and your fellow riders safety. It's the responsibility of all users of CTOR lands to be familiar with the rules and trail markings. Everyone must check the bulletin board for new information posting about changes to rules or trail conditions. An explanation of the trail markings along with a description of the main trail loops are posted adjacent to the bullentin board.

1. Membership runs for 1 year from January 1st thru December 31st. Memberships are non-refundable or transferable. Members have access to CTOR seven days a week based on current weather conditions. All members members will complete the Liability &Indemnity Agreement at the time of sign up. For 2021 Membership the following fees are as follows:


b. PAIR (2) MEMBERSHIP = $325 ( ! adult rider and spouse or related minor under17)

c. FAMILY MEMBERSHIP = $375 (Husband/wife and 2 related minors under 17)

2. All injuries occurring on CTOR properties will be reported to the land owner prior to departure from the premises!

3. All members will display their CTOR sticker on the front of the motorcycle or Utility ATV. An additional sticker is provided to be placed on the transporting vehicle.

4. CALL BEFORE YOU HAUL! CTOR will be closed during extremely wet conditions.

5.No Side by Sides, Sport Quads, Go Carts or 4x4 vehicles allowed

6.All minors must be accompanied by an adult.

7. Helmets and eye protection are required and will be worn at all times. We encourage the use of gloves, boots, hand guards and other body protection to to protect you from rocks and trees.

8. Ride on marked and designated trails only. No riding along fence lines or around the storage barn, water tower and wind mill.

9.Grass for livestock is a premium commodity. No riding or spinning donuts on open grassy areas

barn along with a small grove of trees just east of the parking lot.

10. Ride on marked and established trails only. A description of the markings is located on the

bulletin board.

11. Grass for the livestock is a premium commodity. Do not spin doughnuts or ride on the grassy areas.

12. No land , tree or trail modifications allowed. Report any trail blockage do to down trees to the land owner. Do not remove cut stacked piles of logs or brush from the trail. These are meant to act as a detour because there is either trail damage or repairs ahead.

13. Parking is only allowed in the designated area along the side of the main entrance and the RV area. Pit speed through the parking area is 1st gear, which means very slow.

14. No littering, pack it in-pack it out.

15. Campfires are allowed only in the fire rings provided. Do not build new rings. Observe burn ban signs.

16. Do not chase or aggravate the livestock.

17. No hunting or fishing, no firearms or fireworks displayed or discharged.

18. Keep pets on a leash.


Contact Information

1. Information, membership info 

Bennie 254-217-3178


2. Trail and general Info:

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