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Flat Landers

This trail runs for a couple of miles around the parking area. Nice wide easy trail with gently rolling terrain. This trail is designed for young kids or the inexperienced rider. Most of the trail can be observed from the parking area. Banked turns and some mild jumps make it fun for everyone!

RIM TRAIL - Difficult

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Rim Trail ( Difficult)

Single track trail for motorcycles only. This trail runs along the middle edge of the mountain that surrounds the parking lot. This trail can be travelled in both directions. It has a lot of off camber stuff, up and down hill and lots of twists and turns. Along the way ther are several options to experience some trials type riding.

LOOP 1 - Difficult

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Loop 1 (difficult)

Beginning just on other side of the new gate, this 7 mile trail is a tuff one. Beginners and ATV's can ride the first section with ease. However, once you come to the stop sign only expert riders should continue.From the stop sign Beginners and ATV's should follow the Jeep trail down to the valley floor. From there you can find section of Loop 1 that you can ride and safely by-pass tuff stuff. From the stop sign expert riders cross the jeep trail to continue on Loop 1. This long portion of the trail has some very steep drop offs and up hill climbs. Log crossings and deep gully crossings also abound. If you can't do some of the obstacles, you can get around them. 60% dirt 40% rock. Get your boulder on!! This trail will get your blood pumping. Loop 1 ends at the beginning of Loop 2.

LOOP 2 - Easy / Moderate

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From "Four Corners" (see map) go left and follow the signs to the start of Loop 2. This 8 mile loop is one of the most interesting at CTOR. While most of it can be rode by beginners, this loop will offer up some challenging off cambers and hill climbs along with some steep down hills and drop offs along the way. Pay close attention and you will find the marked by-passes that will allow yo to go around these sections.This trail has the most different and changing terrain of any of the trails. Wide open sections, tight woods, bermed dirt turns, a few natural jumps and scenic over looks make this a pretty cool trail.

LOOP 3 - Easy

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Loop 3 (EASY)

Located just a few feet on the east side of Four Corners. This 4 mile trail is the most popular trail on the New Side. !00% good dirt, flat and wide. Lots of bermed turns with a couple of jumps built in for fun. A lot of trail packed into a small area on the valley floor. To maximize this terrain some of the trails run close together. You must follow the direction markers closely and short tracking the loop to repeat the jumps is forbidden! If you have to leave the loop before you get to the end , go slow and yield to the trails as you cross them. This Loop ends at the beginning of Loop 4.

LOOP 4 - Easy Moderate

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Located on the far east side of the New Land.(right around the corner from the end of Loop 3) Seven mile trail that twist all over the east side. Lots of good dirt and two cool sections where you travel down the creek. The 3 places where the trail become difficult or narrow are marked with by-passes. This trail goes by the large cattle tank and has some jumps built around the tank. This makes a little circle and you can safely get your roundy-round on and keep hitting the jumps. The back of this trail follows along the bottom of a hill side we call "Brokeback Mountain". You will see single track trails leaving loop 4. Pay attention and follow the Loop 4 markers to stay on the loop. Brokeback Mountain is a free trail zone for expert riders who like tight, technical trials type riding. No ATV's allowed on Brokeback.


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West Boundry Trail

Access this trail through gate 2. As soon as you go through the gate make a hard left and follow along the fence line and you will run into this trail. This trail is a two way trail that provide another access point to the bottom of the valley. This trail will dump you out onto the last one third of Loop 2. The trail runs along the top of a mountain and provides several scenic views of the river and lake. Along the way you will find a picnic table where you can sit way up high and see a lot of the Loops down below.

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Besides the marked trails and loops there are also a whole bunch of short trails that are generally designed for the more experienced rider. These trails usually require some sort of hill climb or balanced riding skills to negotiate. If you ain' t sure of your skill level you may want to walk the trail before you ride it. Most of the smaller trails are for motorcycles only.

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